Modern office setting and other amenities

The commercial properties are situated in the prime business locations. The Paya Lebal Square is one such project which is located in the heart of Singapore, perched right above the MRT interchange for easy and quick access. This commercial project is also conveniently facing the Paya Lebar road. The Singapore’s most crucial spots such as the Changi Airport, Orchard Road belt and Central Business District are short 15 minutes drive away. Warm spots both planed and existing to make an entrance in the future are Geyang East Sports Village, Tanjong Katong Complex, and Joo Chait Complex, food Centre, Geyang Public Library and Geylang Serai Market.

Retail Podium

This commercial spot is not like that the other hubs exist with limitless potential. The development like the Paya Lebar Square is very beneficial for investors to find with wonderful office unit in a wonderful spot in a fast developing location. A commercial property like this is a huge and ideal investment in a lifetime opportunity with occupier demand, high liquidity and also low rates of interest. The retail podium, 95000 square feet is designed to have 150 commercial shop units. There will be an amazing blend of retail specialty stores, beverage and food outlets, and supermarket and food court at the basement level. So with these unique set up this commercial hub identified as one of the best located developments of the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority). The roads that Paya Lebar road and Gelyang Road majorly used roads as they are directly connected to the development. The development is also served by the KPE and PIE expressways. So this ensures that pedestrians have so many travel options, when you travel to this commercial spot.


Contemporary office setting

In addition to these amenities, this commercial hub features have the premium grade offices to provide a desirable balance of personal life and work, selected office units are equipped with beautiful, large windows that gives the natural light to the office spaces. All the units are featured with water supply and discharge facilities. In addition to these amenities, all the units are furnished with the false ceiling, sprinkler system and raised floor.

For exceptional growth this development is the ideal opportunity. This is one of the URA‘s greatest centers for decentralization as part of the conceptual plan to provide a number of alternatives for the business. This commercial property development project is situated on the cusp of the city center. This project is developed to be largest commercial hub providing a mix of retail, hotel and office in the next years. The Paya Lebar square is 99 years leasehold projects, strategically situated at the heart of Paya Lebar. As this development is conveniently connected to its closest MRT so the individuals can enjoy the transportation convenience.

Environmental sustainability

Attractive and affordable financing packages are available to the investors and there is no restriction on foreign ownership. Reduction in energy and water bill can be featured by the Green Mark certifications, so beneficial for both occupants and the environment.

VPS: Know more about Outsourcing & Backup

Managing a server is not easy. For this experiment to not to turn into a nightmare, it is essential to get the best service. This is in order to better assist you in your projects, psychz networks create outsourcing options and backup clear and accessible for the dedicated hosting network. Please note that these options are only compatible with our new server generations. Do not hesitate to contact for any migration project.


The increasing complexity of systems and their development in an increasingly threatening environment makes the administration task of a more complex server.

To assist you in this task, they created several levels of service:

The level Serenity focuses on the essentials: Server health and security updates


Level Pro as the name suggests is suitable for professional use of the server. Indeed, this level includes, in addition, a premium support 7/7 24/24 and 1:30 intervention per month on your server. The level Business allows delegation entirely psychz networks the administration of your dedicated server (server managed 100%). They closely monitor your server and intervene less than 45 minutes in case of incident 7d / 7 24/24. Discover all the features of service levels.


Backups are vital to guard any software or hardware damage. If you are still thinking about it, have time and especially the skills to program and operate when necessary.

To help, they now offer two backup options:

  • Option Automatic Backups: Each day your whole server is saved and the disk image generated is archived on their secure servers.
  • Option Recurring Snapshots: Every day, we automatically create your server for a restore point from which you can instantly recover your server to a previous state.

Discover all the features of backup options. The network is constantly monitored by dedicated team. In case of hardware or network problem, the team works in the shortest possible time to restore impacted services.

Get The Best Residential And Office Shifting With Movers Denver

Shifting an entire settlement to a new place is a challenging job. The most difficult part of the job is to shift a considerable number of heavy furniture and to rearrange them. To face a hassle-free shifting experience, you can choose among the most competent movers, who will provide you with cost efficiency. Being one of the most popular residential and commercial center, Denver has some prospective places, which provide exquisite settlements. Some of the most popular areas include Downtown Denver and the Lowry area. These are some of the important community centers, and hence, a large number of population is likely to shift in such areas.


Efficient residential shifting

Due to the availability of multiple places, the competent movers Denver need to be on their toes to deliver efficient shifting to their clients. Moreover, efficient movers are capable of relocating your items to any places. Be it on the ground floor or the topmost floors, the best companies will provide effective shifting on every occasion. Now, you can be sure of your residential moving facilities as the best service providers will send skilled professionals for the execution of the job. First of all, they will send experienced professionals to the site, and they will provide you with appropriate estimates of the overall costs.

Positive office shifting services

It is not always that you require residential shifting. When you need to move your office, the best movers Denver are the most reliable option. In terms of tools and equipment, you will get the best ones that make your assembling and reassembling process easier. Moreover, there is a large amount of diversity in the office items. The best service providers personally look into each intricate matter. You can move all the furniture, machines as well as technological gadgets with special padding and protection. You just need to enter the measurements of the area in a square foot to receive a quote.

Understanding The Mechanics Of alarm system Phoenix

Summary: Sensors in your home are important. With the help of alarm system Phoenix, you can get professionals to install modern devices. They are wireless and can be easily integrated. These installations come in packages.

Home security is an important part of your lives, and there is no way you can compromise on them. When you are opting for a security installation, there are certain things that you should consider. With the advent of technology, you may get the best deal when it comes to installations regarding security. You can monitor the movements inside the home and ensure that your premises are not breached by trespassing. However, when you are shortlisting a firm, there is some parameters that help you to take better decision.

Some points to consider

When you are short listing a supplier for security installations, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. It is an important investment, and you should go with the latest versions. However, there are some pointers that need due attention. When you are selecting an installation ensure:

  • The system is wireless as systems cannot be rigged with ease. The wired system can be damaged when burglars break into your home. They can cut the wires with ease.
  • Go for a complete package instead of placing one random surveillance devices. A professional firm will provide different range of packages.
  • Integrate your system to a particular point so that you can monitor them on the go. Modern software can be downloaded in your smartphone.

Benefits of training

The professionals that provide installations are responsible for a complete setup. When you are selecting them, there are certain checks that you should undertake. A professional firm that provides you alarm system Phoenix will have the following qualities:


  • Trained staff that install the system where needed. The professionals should be trained and understand their work. They should have certification and proper registration so that the process is perfect.
  • Training provides the experts with precision they can locate the places for security installation. You can get perfect services with the help of these experts. They check areas that are vital from a security point of view.
  • These firms have a helpline that can assist in alarm monitoring. You can get immediate help with the help of advanced alarm tracking system that ensure that signals reach these firms.

Checking the criteria

When you are looking for installation, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Check your surroundings and home before going for alarm system Phoenix. It provides a better understanding, and you can get the most out of it:

  • Select the right packages and if the need arises consult the experts.
  • Understand the places where sensors are mandatory. It can be doors or pathways that open outside.
  • If you are going to video surveillance place them in a proper place.
  • Check the quality of the alarms and understand the warranty behind it.

For your security

These pointers will help you to find the right security system. Sensors are important for security and help to keep your property far from the reach of trespassers. With an increase in crime rates, these devices are crucial for your wellbeing and safety. The experts ensure that there are no problems with the system, and you get a perfect installation.

Reasons to use cruise travel agent services

Booking a cruise is highly complicated than procuring a plane ticket or booking a hotel room. As with any sort of vacations, there are great decisions you must take. It is vital to get the aid of a cruise agent professional having lots of experience and expertise in cruising. Vacation inspirations, comes in handy in this regard. A cruise travel agent can aid you find a best cruise that is idyllic for you considering your interests and what exactly you desire to get out of your cruise trip. You can discuss with the agent and check out the options available and choose the best one available for you.

Avail Amazing cruise packages

Vacation inspirations, are dedicated to offer exiting and amazing cruise packages at reasonable prices. The firm’s supplier inventory is continuously expanding and massive. They work with the top suppliers including celebrity cruises, Royal Caribbean, and lots more. You can contact the vacation inspirations travel services department and book your exciting cruise adventure tour package today.s5

It is factually possible to save the best deal of money by seeking the assistance of travel agent. The agents have good relationships with many travel suppliers and thus, have access to amazing deals unavailable to several others. And even in a few cases wherein it looks like you can get a better deal elsewhere, travel service provider can aid you analyze the various promotions. Vacation inspirations, can also open up more and more choices and affordable prices than the cruise line offer especially when it comes to add-ons as post or pre cruise hotel nights

A cruise travel agency with experience can aid answer all your queries regarding cruising, the various cruise lines and particular cruise ships in addition to queries regarding the cruise lines terms and cancellation policy and more. Travel agents are sure to make your cruise trip enjoyable and memorable.

Buy the Perfect Running Shoes for Your Flat Feet

Even though, you always love to have stylish or trendy running shoes yet the most comfortable and fit running shoes may not be that trendy. In the case of flat feet, it becomes harder to have the trendy look as most of the time it doesn’t suit your feet. Most of the times the trendy shoes give the foot strain and it always gives a big pain to wear them while running or exercising. In this scenario, shoes which support the feet where it require most.s5

If you are looking for these types of shoes than the cross trainer shoes are the best answer to your question. They easily fit into your foot and are very comfortable in wear best cross training shoes for flat feet. You can do long and steady running with these shoes, and they can’t give you any sort of strain or uneasiness. Even these shoes are very much comfortable in court games like lawn tennis, basketball, and weight lifting, etc.


When you are running or exercising, most of the body weight is on the heel and ankle of your foot. Any shock are jerk will make the direct impact on the heel. It is very necessary to have a good cushioning in the shoe to balance any jerk or impact. The good cushioning also helps in reducing the injury risk.

Although the cushioning effect adds more weight to the shoe and it decreases running efficiency after the energy loss yet the cost of loss in performance is very less as compared to the comfort and risk balancing factors.

Cushioning techniques are not very standardized, and every manufacturer is using their technologies. There are techniques available for packets of air, gel or spongy plastic. Even some of the manufacturers use silicon or foam filling to absorb the impact.

A brief insight into Different types of Shade loving shrubs

Shade loving shrubs can add year-round foliage or color to your landscape. Many shrubs tolerate full shade to partial shade, and lots of such shrubs do well in your home garden. There are factually a great number of beautiful, shade-loving shrubs which thrive in anything from heavy to dappled shade. Shrubs have great uses in the landscape such as specimen plants, foundation plantings, privacy hedges and more. They can also make wonderful focal points in your home garden, specifically in shade gardens.

Types of shrubs for shade garden

There are several types of shade-loving shrubs for your garden. The below listed are a few of the most popular shrubs for shade;


Viburnum – These shrubs not just offer appealing and fragrant blooms, but also are greatly tolerant of shade. Viburnum, the sweet-smelling shrub can make best understory plantings too.

Aucuba Japonica – Also referred to as Japanese laurel, there are evergreen shrubs having glossy leaves found in variegated and green forms. This tough shrub is perfectly happy in part shade or full shade and also in the sunny positions. They can grow in almost any soil provided it’s not waterlogged. The flowering shrub produces attractive red berries and makes a perfect choice for hedging.

Goat’s beard – It is one among the easy-growing and attractive shrubs for shade. It makes a great choice for partial shade areas of the garden. These shrubs are specifically suited to woodland gardens.

Choisya – These are a low maintenance flowering shrubs which are grown for their eye-catching foliage and also for their scented star shaped beautiful flowers. The shrub happily tolerates partial shade.

Toad Lilly – This is one among the best shrubs for your shade garden. It has the appealing flowers which are typically spotted with blue or violet.

Pick these aforesaid shade shrubs to make a beautiful shade garden in order to have a soothing and cool place to relax during the hot summer days.

Services offered by property Management Company

Purchasing property is a matter of once in a lifetime and it is considered as a mark someone’s hard effect. When a family is supposed to relocate from one place to another place, obviously they will be worried their property. Managing their property quite effectively without keeping an eye on it on a regular basis, it is quite impossible for the landlord. This is the perfect time where the landlords should start searching for a property Management Company. Prior to hiring property Management Company, it’s better thoroughly going through the services offered by these companies.

Basically, the property management company handles with flats, rental apartments, villas and independent houses. Once you hire the services of these companies for your requirements, then it becomes their sincere responsibility to search proper tenants for your property. There are plenty of ways to advertise your property so that it can reach a wide range of customer base. Click here in order to get to know more about the services offered property management firm.
Once the tenants visit the property, then it becomes a keen responsibility of the property management firm to provide all the necessary details about the property to the tenants who has come to verify your property. When the tenants are finalized with your property, then the company can execute a rental agreement in this regard.
The responsibility of the property management company doesn’t end at this stage. They collect the monthly rentals on behalf of the landlord and deposit it to their account. In addition to rent collection, these professional of the property management firm will make a visit to the property in order to ensure that whether the property is managed in a proper way and is not damaged by the tenants. In case of any repair works, the firm has to appoint contractor who can fix the issues in this regard. Click here to know more about the services offered by professional property Management Company.


Lipozene is herbal diet pill manufactured to fight obesity without the need to workout or diet. The main component of the diet pill is Glucomannan that is being derived from the root of the plant called Konjac that is also known as devil’s tongue or snake Palm in many places. The plant is native to many areas in Asia. Thus being a natural product manufactured from plant fiber, Lipozene has certain side effects that can a little more severe in some as compared to others.

The working of Lipozene is extremely simple. Glucomannan forms a gel-like substance on mixing with water, which is insoluble, and thus the digestive system flushes it out as it is after some time. Once the diet pill is being consumed, it swells in the stomach to give us a feeling of being full and reduces the urge to eat. It is made up of about 30% fiber and over consumption can lead to side effects that are discussed below:

  1. Swallowing difficulties

The Lipozene diet pill tends to react with esophagus resulting it to swell. The swelling can cause difficulty in swallowing and sometimes obstruct the breathing passage as well.

  1. Pain and cramps in stomach

Human intestine has certain good micro-organisms which react with the Glucomannan leading to the formation of gas. Gastric can cause severe pain and cramps in the stomach


  • Allergy

Allergic reactions from plant supplements are very common. In the case of Lipozene, the reactions can be a little severe with development of rashes and swelling of the throat.

  1. Diarrhea

The Glucomannan is famous for its laxative properties. For some people who have a sensitive stomach, it might lead to severe diarrhea resulting to immediate medical attention.

  1. Blood pressure changes

Lipozene lowers blood pressure by reducing blood sugar levels in people. It can be particularly bad in case of diabetic patients.

5 Things You Should Know About Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa is being required by all visitors to the country. If anyone doesn’t hold up the right visa in advance, Vietnam Government will have facilitated the visitors with Vietnam Visa on Arrival Service. Vietnam Visa on Arrival can be obtained by any visitor for a certain period. Although there is a lot of information about the arrival visa on the internet yet, you have to keep the following points in check while going for Visa on Arrival Service.

In the first place, Vietnam Visa on arrival can be applied online. The application form will take a couple of days of processing time, and you will get the approval letter in advance prior to visiting vietnam visa on arrival for indian.


Second, Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable only to you if you are travelling by air. If you are travelling by any other means of transport like sea or road, then you are not eligible to take this facility.

Third, You can apply arrival visa without providing a copy of your passport. You gave to show the passport at any of the international airports of Vietnam, and you can collect your visa from the itself. There are three international airports in Vietnam, and you can land at any of the airports and get your visa.

Fourth, Along with the passport, you have to present two passport sized photographs, the approval letter and simple filled form to obtain the required visa. To get the visa on time, you should apply the visa 1-2 weeks before visiting Vietnam.

Fifth, The best part of getting the visa is you don’t have to provide the exact dates as the approved letter is for a period of 15 days to 3 months. You can plan your visit in that duration and can obtain your visa at the time of arrival in the specified duration.


An overview on games offered by Minecraft

Video game has become very popular because it boosts up the self confidence of both the kids and adults. The challenges it throws to the players are quite tough to handle and the player has to always stay very alert while playing the game. Many a kind of video games have been launched lately in the market. Among them the base ones are games of minecraft. They are very challenging and those games compel the players mind to go through many twists and turns. The games are popular because they teach players to see beyond the limit and think more.

A general concept of the games of Minecraft


Minecraft offers the players to build constructions out of the textured cubes in a world of 3D procedural. Other activities include exploration, gathering, resources, crafting and combat as well. Several modes of the game are available in minecraft games. The games basically offer no specific goal to the players. The games are generally played in first person mode but there is always an option open for the players to play them in the third person mode. Minecraft offers its players to have the joy of video games through different operating systems. Players are offered with iOS, Android games on the smart phones and on the other hand there are PC and other browser video games for the computer and laptop versions.

To sum up:

Allowing its players to have the liberty to choose the exploration plan and survival techniques, minecraft games have enabled the players to create a world of their own. The players can even create their own abode and equipments. Most interesting fact about this game is that the games have a centralized server that hosts the games all across the world. Maps that are created by the players are available to all and they can be protected with password as well.

Find essential information on Forskolin at

Forskolin, also referred to as Coleonol is a compound that is extracted from the Coleus plant. It is renowned for its weight loss and athletic boosting uses. This had been traditionally used in the medication of respiratory ailment as well as several skin disorders. However, in the recent years, it has gained lots of attention for its use to assist with weight loss, lung function, glaucoma and more. Forskolin advantages for fat loss are yet in the initial stages of research. However, it’s been widely used as a weight loss aid.


Is Forskolin supplement safe to use? This is one among the most common concern that comes whilst using the supplement. If you desire to know the dangerous side effects and various other essential information related to Forskolin and then do visit Like with various other weight loss aids, it is always a great idea to consult a medical professional prior using this one as well. Some users of Forskolin have experienced a slight decrease in their blood pressure whilst their medication with Forskolin. Those who are utilizing a blood thinner must be extra cautious prior to using Forskolin supplement. Thus, it would be best to consult your physician beforehand.

Neonatal Nurse Job Description

  • Work Profile:

Who is a Neonatal Nurse and what does the professional do?


Neonatal nursing is that branch of the nursing field which deals in the care and knowledge of the new born babies and also their gentle care with their lofty awareness. The career as neonatal nurse can be a great one for women who love the new born and infants. This neonatal nurse job description would explain in detail what kind of work they generally perform.

The neonatal nurses labor at three varied levels in general:

In the very 1st level, they need to take care of infants to ensure their healthiness.

In the 2nd level they administer medical assistance to the premature newborn babies who face some health problems

In the 3rd level they further take care of the new born babies suffering with some illness which cannot be healed during the initial levels. This function is completely dependent on the capacity and interest of the level one desires to work at.

Neonatal nurses need to be very quick in taking the decisions to make an attempt to deal with convoluted circumstances. However, the neonatal nurses provide their medical assistance to babies up to their turning into 29 days’ old. Their job is much demanding of a lot of patience from them


Various tasks performed by a Neonatal Nurse in the general routine:

v  Taking utmost care of the new born babies.

v  Helping to ensure quick and total healing of the babies suffering with any sort of illness or infections or any other medical problem.

v  They are required to monitor the babies on a regular basis.

v  They are also required to assure proper use of the feeding tubes, ventilators and incubators.

v  Another responsibility is to inform the parents about the complications faced by their child.

v  To maintain and update the physical condition report of the babies


  • Credentials and Abilities required

Title – What are the essential requirements to become a Neonatal Nurse?

Education / Training:

The people who aspire to become the neonatal nurses are required to possess a bachelor’s degree in the stream of nursing which is meant for a duration of 4 years. After the completion of the degree they can further come to pass into the Registered Nurse after clearing the mandatory license exam. However, the most basic qualification is the registered nurse which can be gained by completing the bachelor’s degree or any other associate degree of similar competence.



  • Neonatal nurses are required to have the capability to analyze and comprehend clinical data and interpret the technical processes.
  • They must be capable of documenting the clinical reports and efficiently converse the gathered information.
  • They should also possess efficient record keeping and strong reporting skills.
  • They should be highly patient and empathetic keeping in mind the kind of patient being handled by them.
  • They need to be experts in the handling of new borns in the most caring way
  • They should be very caring.
  • They have to posses good ability to communicate so that they could make the families of child understand the situation in hand


  • Professional Growth

 Title – What are the job prospects for a Neonatal Nurse?


The employment market for the neonatal nurses is expected to witness a vast growth in the coming years. The growth can be credited to numerous factors. In the recent years there are great number of health concern facilities opened up which in turn will lead to an increase in the demand for the nurses. As a whole, the job opportunities for a Neonatal Nurse are likely to grow by almost 25 percent in the years to come. The nurses working in the New York, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia have great career and growth prospects. The prospects of growth of such professionals are very high as any individual will certainly come across the need to come in contact with the professionals offering medical services in whatever capacity.

Registered nurse training

Introduction of registered nurse:


Registered Nurses work in luminous, contented fitness care conveniences. RNs spend substantial time on foot and provide 24 hours services to patients. They are also called sometimes at odd hours in case of emergencies. Registered nurses who work in private clinics work for normal clinic hours. There is a tremendous increase in the vacancy from the past year, almost to 25%. Registered Nurses who put in their effort with seriously sick patients also may undergo nervous tension from examining the patient closely. Nurses, through providing care to ill patients suffering from any infectious disease can also catch the disease. So, they should in advance protect themselves by using mask and gloves.



Nurse education and registered nurse training:

Training comprises of the abstract and realistic training given to nurses with the reason to organize them for their responsibility. This learning is given to the nursing students by knowledgeable nurses and other health professionals who have experience and skills for the job beforehand. Some of the areas where registered nurses can try their hands by imparting self with specialized knowledge and skills include:


Cardiovascular training:


There is an increase in the demand for cardiovascular nurses. They are accountable for caring for patients with heart problems or BP problems. Particularly, they help out medical doctors in the analysis and cure of diseases, oversee medicine, care for patients previous to and subsequent to operations, observe patients’ growth, make a record of observations and work directly with medical doctors and other medical professionals in carrying out a healing graph.


Dental training:

A dental nurse assists the dentist in all facets of care. This consists of receiving the right apparatus set, amalgamation of materials and making sure of the patient’s ease. They will also obtain an explanation from the dentist’s transcription for report and disinfect all of the apparatus.



Natural health education imparted to the nurses gives preventive care and emotional support to the patients. It includes homeopathy or herbal medication and reki. This also includes guiding patients towards a balanced diet.


Psychology nurse training:

The nurse works under the close direction of medical assistants or psychiatrist doctors and deals with patients with a mental imbalance. If a nurse has to pursue psychology as a career, then she/he must be a Master’s degree holder. They are eligible for higher salaries than any other nursing professionals.


Surgical assistant:

Surgical assistant is the one who follows the surgeon in the operation theatre and helps him out with surgeries with the best exposure to surgical equipments. Before taking the patient to the operation theatre, it’s the duty of the nurse to check the blood pressure and other normal routine checkups. The nurse must be a specialized degree holder.


Nursing training in use of drugs:

Students learn the use of medicines and drugs and their effect. The mentor in the course is well experienced and skilled in their vicinity of nursing forte. Most mentors keep up a lively medical practice that permits them to bring existing issues and know-how to the classroom.

Training on pediatric care:

Students learn the fundamentals of gentle handling of newborns and children in both society and sensitive situations, covering such matters as resistance and early life sickness.

Training on adult care:

Subject matter in caring for adults with health problems or surgical issues includes checking of liquid balance, respiratory administration and the resistance system.


Programme one has to opt for:

  • A registered nurse is required to opt for and clear Bachelors in Science in Nursing
  • Masters in Science and a specialized course in Nursing
  • Doctorate in Nursing

The following education methods are taken up:

  • Class room education
  • Independent unit of study combined in number of ways
  • captured observation
  • Video shoot booklet
  • workout, and individual response
  • brainstorming

Other qualifications.

Nurses should be gentle, compassionate, accountable, and element oriented. They must be able to express clearly to patients about their condition. They need to manage others, properly evaluate patients’ situation, and decide when further appointment is mandatory. They need expressive steadiness to handle patient suffering, urgent situations, and other anxiety causing events.

chicken recipes crock pot

Crockpot chicken supreme

Ingredients needed

  • 5 slices of bacon.
  • 6 boneless chicken breasts.
  • 10 oz. can of condensed cream of chicken soup.
  • 4 oz. jar of sliced mushrooms.
  • A half cup of cheese.



  • Take a skillet and add bacon. Cook it until it is crisp.
  • Remove the bacon from the skillet and drain it on the paper towels.
  • Crumble the bacon and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Cook the chicken for five minutes until it is brown in color.
  • Place the chicken in the slow cooker.
  • Add mushrooms.
  • In a skillet, heat the soup and pour it over the chicken.
  • Cover and cook for five hours.
  • The chicken should be topped with bacon slices. Cook it until the cheese is melted.


   Crockpot chicken wild rice

   Ingredients needed

  • Six slices of bacon.
  • A chopped onion.
  • Two cloves of garlic.
  • Oz condensed chicken broth.
  • 1/3 cups of water.
  • 10 oz. can of chicken soup cream.
  • 9 oz. baby carrots.
  • ¼ cups of wild rice.
  • ½ lbs. of boneless chicken breasts cut into half.
  • ¼ teaspoon of dried marjoram.



  • Take a skillet and cook the bacon until it is crisp.
  • Remove the bacon and crumble it. Keep it in the fridge.
  • Remove all the ingredients from the skillet except for one spoon of bacon dripping.
  • Add water, broth and soup. Stir the ingredients.
  • Add wild rice and carrots in a crockpots.
  • Top with chicken pieces and pour the mixture in the skillet.
  • Add marjoram.
  • Cover the crockpot and cook for one hour.
  • Stir the mixture and make sure that the wild rice is submerged in the liquid.
  • The crockpot setting should be cooked on a low flame for six hours.
  • Add bacon into the crockpot during the last half an hour of the cooking time.
  • Serve the chicken wild rice.


Crockpot chicken sweet potatoes

Ingredients needed

  • 8 chicken thighs.
  • One spoon of salt.
  • 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • One spoon of paprika.
  • One spoon of curry powder.
  • A half spoon of ground ginger.
  • 3 potatoes which are peeled and cubed.
  • One chopped onion.
  • One cup of peach preserves.
  • 3 spoons of apple cider vinegar.



  • Add cayenne pepper, salt, paprika, ginger and curry powder to the chicken.
  • Add sweet potatoes and onions in a cooker.
  • Top with chicken.
  • Add vinegar, peach preserves and soy sauce.
  • Cook for six hours until the chicken is cooked and sweet potatoes are soft.



         Crockpot chicken jambalaya

           Ingredients needed

  • A half lb. of Andouille sausage.
  • Three stalks of celery which is chopped.
  • Two onions which are chopped.
  • One lb. of boneless chicken thighs.
  • A can of crushed tomatoes.
  • Three garlic cloves.
  • One spoon of sugar.
  • 3 teaspoons of Tabasco sauce.
  • ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • A half teaspoon of dried oregano leaves.
  • A half teaspoon of dried basil leaves.
  • A half cup of uncooked orzo pasta.
  • One lb. of frozen cooked shrimp.



  • Take a skillet and add Andouille sausage. Cook it.
  • Add all the ingredients except orzo and shrimp in a slow cooker.
  • Cook for nine hours until the chicken is cooked thoroughly.
  • Add orzo and stir for fifteen minutes.
  • Cook for five minutes until the shrimp is heated.